• Always use a registered website
  • Verify the antecedents of the website by asking information about the same from people or friends.
  • Sometimes fraudsters create fake profiles on leading matrimonial website for cheating purposes. Please go through the privacy policy of the website which is hosting such profiles.
  • If there is any demand for transfer of funds, re-verify the genuineness of the person.
  • Verify the identity and address of the profiler by checking relevant public documents (which could be electronically verified i.e. Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID etc.) and preferably pay a visit to/have somebody visit the location listed as residential address by the interested party on the matrimonial website.
  • Verify the educational qualifications/job description of the persons by checking the relevant documents/certificates or calling/visiting the workplace during working hours. It can be done by giving call or visiting the office by surprise. If it is nearby then spend some time to find out that whether that person is working there or not. If all things match then call the person over phone. Talking to the person can also give an idea.
  • Friends and relatives can be a good option for enquiring
  • If the person is a NRI: In such cases it is difficult to find out the actual person. For that proper research should be done. The Guidelines issued by Division of Overseas Indian Affairs should be pursued in this regard.

Advisory on Matrimonial Websites (Link to QL 8)


  • Do not take any decision in haste, and do not get pressurized to do so for any reason whatsoever
  • Do not finalise matters over long distance, on phone or through e-mails
  • Do not blindly trust any bureau, agent, tout or a middleman
  • Do not ever agree to forge papers or enter into any fake transaction for any reason or on any pretext
  • Do not finalise matters in secrecy; publishing the proposal among near and dear ones, friends and relatives could help you in getting vital information which you may not be able to collect otherwise
  • Do not agree to having only a registered marriage or to getting the marriage solemnized in a far off place
  • Do not agree to the marriage taking place in a foreign country
  • Do not file any false case against the spouse
  • Do not use dowry laws and laws on cruelty as a weapon to harass


  • Find an Aadhar enrolment centre near you
  • Do insist on the registration of the marriage along with a social marriage. Registration certificate should be carried at all times
  • Do all the paperwork for the issue of visa and other required formalities at your end – keep all the original papers with yourself
  • Do keep your passport in your custody at all times. Keep at least one copy of the passport
  • Do insist on an affidavit from the spouse stating present marital status
  • Do get an insurance cover before arriving in the new overseas residence
  • Do have regular and meaningful communication between the two persons and their families
  • Do make sure that the two persons to be married meet personally and interact freely in a comfortable atmosphere
  • Do rely on your gut feeling and communicate amongst yourselves, if you sense something is wrong or amiss.
  • Do contact friends, family and employers of the prospective spouse