project details

VHAP-Empowerment of women through convergence of service providers to improve Child Sex Ratio” in Fatehgarh Sahib

TFVAW-Promoting Violence Free Lives of Women through Women Cell

SVWS-Empowerment of Distrees Women _ Domestic workers through Convergence Model 10 Panchayats in Simdega District

SSMI-Ujjwal Jeewan for Empowering Adolescent Girls and Boys in Jahangir Puri, West Delhi

SMS-Empowerment of women, children to realize equality-gender justice as envisaged in Indian constitution in Mumbai, Pune district

Shakti Vahini-Reducing trafficking of women and girls-community awareness partnership wt law enforcement

Samuha-Devadasi Resource Centre

SADRAG-Convergence Strategies for safe spaces initiative for Women in India

RUS-Rehabilitation of Rescued Girl Child” to Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk Ranchi Province, Rachi, Jharkhand

RSGS-Environment Building _ Life Skill Education Among Women


Thematic Convergence Projects