Prime Minister's Vision


Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has a vision for a transformed India with equality for women.



“Need to move beyond women’s development to women-led development”


“From Panchayat to Parliament, women are leading from the front”


"If we have to build a modern India, then we will have to first give dignity to the Indian woman."



 “आज की आर्थिक सामर्थ्य का जब विषय आता है, निर्णय में भागीदारी की बात आती है, जब भी महिलाओं में आर्थिक सामर्थ्य बढ़ा है; निर्णय में उनकी भागीदारी भी बढ़ी है। आप कोई भी सेक्टिर देखिए; जहां भी महिलाओं को सही अवसर मिला है, वो पुरुषों से दो कदम आगे ही निकल गई हैं।”



“Every woman has entrepreneur qualities and values. Women will become stakeholders in decision-making if they are financially independent,”



“And it is the mother who strengthens a citizen.”



 “There is a need to change this mental state about women empowerment. Empowerment is for those who are not empowered. What does the empowerment of those who are already powerful mean? Who are men to empower women?”



“You will recognise your strength only when you encounter a challenge. So, our women must use the challenges they face to empower themselves”



“परिवार क वातावरण को उत्सव में बदलें और इसलिए मैं तोह आप से कहूंगा smile more score more”



“Women have higher success ratio despite the fewer opportunities they get in comparison to men. Women need to recognise themselves and their strength and feel confident about it.”



"Saluting the indomitable spirit, determination and dedication of Nari Shakti"