Health And Nutrition

An important parameter of social empowerment of women is improved maternal and child health, which requires making available affordable and quality healthcare to women and children. The primary focus of the Health and Nutrition domain of MSK is at activities targeted to strengthen the processes of inter-sectoral convergence at National, State and District level to improve access of women to affordable and quality health care with a focus on maternal and child health, formulating strategies to combat poor nutritional status and working towards bringing balanced child sex ratio. In an attempt to bring about positive changes in health and nutritional status of women and children, there is a need to highlight challenges and work on key convergence area at National, State and District levels.


Key focal areas:
  • State-specific health indicators, issues and challenges related to health and nutritional needs of women including vulnerable and marginalized.
  • Best practices and innovations taken by States/UTs, NGOs or any other agency, PPP including institutional mechanisms; examples of existing convergence of women related schemes.
  • Gaps, issues and challenges in access to health for women.
  • Identification of key convergence areas for bringing an improvement in access to health, nutrition, drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities for women and hence improving overall health outcomes.
Reference Material