Social Empowerment and Education

An important aspect of social empowerment is to bridge the gap that currently exists in the literacy levels between males and females as well as between rural and urban areas.


MSK through its Social Empowerment and Education domain focus on gender mainstreaming in the education sector in-order to empower women holistically and aims at converging and linking various schemes of Government of India focusing on women.


Key Focal Areas:
  • State-specific issues and challenges related to female education in primary, secondary, higher and professional education including vulnerable and marginalized groups.
  • Best practices and innovations taken by States/UTs, NGOs or any other agency, PPP including institutional mechanisms; examples of existing convergence of women related schemes.
  • Gaps, issues and challenges in access to education for females.
  • Identification of key convergence areas for promoting and bringing an improvement in access to education for women and girls in primary, secondary, higher and professional levels and hence improving the female literacy rate.
Reference Material