A number of innovative projects have been sanctioned under the Nirbhaya Fund to enhance women’s safety:

The Ministry of Women and Child Development is the nodal Ministry to appraise the Nirbhaya Fund; to decide suitability of proposals to qualify for getting funds from the Nirbhaya Fund; and to review and monitor the progress of schemes sanctioned.

One Stop Centres

  • One Stop Centres - Sakhi provide an integrated range of services to women affected by violence
  • Services provided include:

    181 Women’s Helpline


    Emergency Response Support system


    Central Victim Compensation Fund


    Integrated Emergency Response Management System


    Abhaya Project Proposal


    CHIRALI - Friends Forever

    • medical aid police assistance legal aid/case management psychosocial counseling temporary shelter
      • Women in distress can reach the centres physcially or over the phone
      • Women in distress can reach the centres physcially or over the phone
      • Budget: Rs. 75 crore in 2016-17
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      • 181 Women's Helpline provides immediate and 24 hour emergency response to women affected by violence across the country through 181.
      • Women can also call the helpline in medical emergencies as well as to find information about a variety of government services and schemes.
      • The women helpline is being universalised through 181 number by using the infrastructure of existing helplines i.e. 1091/108 working at the State/UT level. All existing helpline associated services, government services, NGOs etc. are integrated with this helpline.
      • So far, women helplines have become operational in 21 States/UTs i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattsigarh,Chandigarh (UT), Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Puducherry, Uttarakhand, Mizoram, Jharkhand, Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra, Odhisa, Uttar Pradesh, Meghalaya, Haryana, Nagaland and West Bengal.
      • Budget: Rs. 25 crore in 2016-17
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      • Ministry of Home Affairs is working to create an Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) with a total cost of Rs.321.69 crores which aims to integrate all emergency numbers to 112 with state of the art technology.
      • ERSS envisages an integrated computer aided emergency response platform to respond to distress calls and ensure speedy assistance to the distressed persons.
      • ERSS will be integrated with Panic Button, which is to be installed in all mobile handsets to facilitate women’s access to emergency services.
      • The Ministry of Home Affairs has initiated a Central Victim Compensation Fund - A Corpus Fund Rs.200 crores to be disbursed to States/UTs as a onetime measure for Central Victim Compensation Scheme (CVCF) framed under section 357A CrPC.
      • This will support States/UTs in providing fund towards compensation to the victim or her dependents who have suffered loss or injury as a result of the crime (including survivors of rape and acid attack).
      • Ministry of Railways has initiated an Integrated Emergency Response Management System at a cost of Rs.500 crores as part of Nirbhaya Fund
      • This will provide round the clock security to women passengers in 983 Railway Stations by strengthening of Security Control Rooms of Railways with 182 Security Helpline, Medical Facilities, RPF and police.
      • Abhaya Project Proposal by the Government of Andhra Pradesh is aimed at ensuring the safety of women and girl children while using transport of auto rickshaws
      • It has been proposed with a cost of Rs. 138.49 crore from the Nirbhaya Fund.
      • CHIRALI - Friends Forever, proposed by the Government of Rajasthan is a scheme to constitute Community Action Groups in 7 districts of Rajasthan covering a total of 2071 Gram Panchayats for a period of three years i.e. from 2016-17 to 2018-19
      • The objective is to create an enabling environment that would support girls and women to move freely and make use of choices, spaces and opportunities for their overall well being.
      • The cost of the project is Rs.10.20 crore from the Nirbhaya Fund.