Empowerment of Vulnerable and Marginalised Women and Women In Difficult Circumstances

The domain of Empowerment of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups and Women in Difficult Circumstances is a cross-cutting domain and plays a crucial role in MSK. It recognizes that women are not homogenous and their deprivations and vulnerabilities differ based on socio-economic status, region, rural and urban context, age etc. The domain endeavours to identify the issues of the newly emerging groups along with the already scheduled ones; to collaborate with other domains within MSK for holistic empowerment of women from vulnerable and marginalised groups; and to develop and strengthen network with relevant partner Ministries/Departments, Commissions, and Civil Society Organizations to facilitate convergence at different levels.


Key focal areas:
  • Facilitating an enabling environment for over-all development of vulnerable and marginalized groups and women in difficult circumstances.
  • Strengthening existing linkages/network/mechanisms for ensuring participation in decision-making
  • Mainstreaming vulnerable and marginalized groups and women in difficult circumstances in government schemes, programmes and policies.
Reference Material

Definition of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups in women as per XIIth Five Year Plan